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It’s Jim Crow, it’s not reform’: Concerns raised over Virginia governor’s new ‘divisive’ learning tip line

Aside from added pressure, educators are worried this could worsen a preexisting teacher shortage.

“It’s just another thing you have to live with every day and after a while, it gets too much. We’re going to lose teachers,” Calhoun said.

He says he knows of many teachers in Norfolk who didn’t return to the classroom this month after the holiday break and expects that to go up in June.

children wearing face masks at school

Fairfax County Schools Say Students Must Keep Wearing Masks

The Fairfax County Federation of Teachers said the guidance is clear that masking should remain in place.

“The science tells us that the way to keep school buildings open is through layered mitigation – vaccines and boosters, well-fitting masks, testing and proper ventilation,” president Tina Williams said in a press release.