Collective Bargaining

On May 1, 2021 Virginia’s public sector collective bargaining law took effect.

Collective bargaining is a historic opportunity for Virginians to feel represented in their workplace. Many workers and union members from all over Virginia fought long and hard to win public sector bargaining rights, now that we have them there is much work to be done.

The bare bones nature of the Virginia public sector collective bargaining law allows for public sector workers to demand anything they can think of,  in the upcoming months conversations with our locals and members will determine precisely what we can fight for and what unions look like in Virginia. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining is a process by which an employer negotiates with a group of employees that is represented by a bargaining agent over terms and conditions of employment.

Who is a bargaining unit?

Short answer: Group of workers

Long answer: In workplaces which are already unionized, or when workers are seeking to form
a union, this term defines which types of workers and what job classifications are included, or excluded, by an existing or future union contract. Workers within a bargaining unit must possess certain elements of commonality, as defined by applicable labor law. Who is and isn’t included in the bargaining unit is often highly contested between the employer and the union during a campaign to unionize.

What is AFTVA doing to make contract negotiations a reality for locals?

Each one of our locals will be going through the collective bargaining process at different times. Currently, in Fairfax County the process has begun and FCFT is educating members, leaders, and staff about organizing to make negotiations happen.

What process is the FCPS school board taking to develop a collective bargaining resolution?

The FCPS school board met with representatives of the 17 FCPS Certified Employee Associations (CEP) during the spring of 2021 to determine issues common to all and their interests in participating in the process.

In May 2021, the school board authorized the formation of a six member Superintendent’s collective bargaining team during the budget process with the hiring process taking place during the fall of 2021. On August 28, 2021, the school board approved the hiring of a collective bargaining meeting facilitator, Mr. Stan Damas, to oversee the participation of the CEP’s in developing a proposed collective bargaining resolution.

The collective bargaining group that Mr. Damas is moderating includes two or three representatives of each interested CEP and several members of the Superintendent’s leadership team and the school board’s division council. This proposed resolution will be presented to the school board at a future work session to begin the public process, including a public hearing, to consider voting on and adopting a collective bargaining resolution framework to begin collective bargaining at FCPS.

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