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We are educators who are union members of the American Federation of Teachers in Virginia. We are building power across our locals and across the state.

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Build Power

Organize with your coworkers and attend monthly trainings and events. Elect pro-worker, pro-education candidates by using collective power and strength. 

Associate Membership

AFT Virginia’s Associate Membership Program (AMP) provides educators an opportunity to engage in meaningful issue advocacy while creating momentum to give public school employees a powerful voice in the decision-making process.

Virginia Locals

Build Power Across VA

Fairfax County Federation of Teachers

The AFT Union For Education Professionals.

Norfolk Federation of Teachers

Quality Education For All Children, Dignity For Those Who Provide It.

Hampton Federation of Teachers

Dedicated To Public Education And Those Who Provide It

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We Are Our Member

We are building power across the locals and across the state.

You are able to join, take action, and be a part of the movement!

Associate Membership

Have A Voice In The Decision Making Process

AFT Virginia AMP aims to build local unions capable of sustainably representing all members. By supporting local efforts to create a deeper and broader understanding of employee rights and union organizing, we can give school employees the vision and the vehicle needed to defend their rights and those of their colleagues.

“To me being a part of FCFT means building community with my colleagues and colleagues across the district, advocating for better working conditons so we can better serve our students, and having a voice in real issues that affect us “

Ms. VanDerhoff

Member, FCFT

“Mr. Calhoun and the representatives are always available to listen to concerns. They are willing to stand with the teachers and for the teachers to ensure that we are treated fairly. I am truthfully grateful to be a part of this union.

Kim Thebarge

Member, NFT

“Many people think that collective bargaining is just about pay and compensation. The reality is that its more than that, it is about working conditions…our working conditions are our students learning conditions.”


Member, FCFT

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Collective Power

Members organize in order to secure living wages, raises, and healthier working conditions. Currently, we are fighting for collective bargaining rights to ensure fair union contracts that support and protects all public school employees. 

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