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At the American Federation of Teachers Virginia, we are more than just a union – we are a community of passionate educators who are committed to making a difference in the lives of our students and our fellow educators. Together, we a re building a powerful movement rooted in justice, equity, and solidarity. As we band together and amplify our voices, we are creating a ripple effect that is spreading throughout the state, inspiring others to join us in our mission to transform education for the better.

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Fairfax County Federation of Teachers Win Collective Bargaining Rights

BREAKING: The Fairfax County School Board just voted to pass Collective Bargaining rights for 25,000+ FCPS employees! Congrats to the amazing members of @FCFTcares & @FEA_Fairfax who organized and mobilized tirelessly to achieve this historic win! #UnionsForAll

The Norfolk Federation Teachers and your allies in the community pressured the School Board into delaying the vote on the 2024 Budget!

Hours of pressure from your Union coworkers proved vital in forcing the  School Board to postpone the vote to hold more discussion, especially on key amendments surrounding step payment and funding for instructional support.


Collective Bargaining In Virginia

Collective bargaining refers to the process by which employees, typically represented by a union, negotiate with their employer over wages, benefits, and working conditions. Educators with collective bargaining rights have the ability to negotiate these issues with their employer through their union, while educators without collective bargaining rights do not have this ability.


Educators Fighting For Educators

How Can I Be More Active In My Union?

You are your union! To get more active join membership meetings, speak to your building reps, participate in webinars and trainings, and stay up to date on our events and actions.

Can I receive help with a work related issue?

Your union invests in full-time advocates who help you navigate and resolve challenges at work. Email the office today.

How Can I Receive Assistance With A Grievance?

To learn more about the process to issue a formal complaint with your employer contact a field representative. 

What are teachers fighting for in Virginia?

Teachers across VA are fighting for higher wages, safety measures, and collective bargaining righs. In May 2021, Collective Bargaining was may legal. Now educators across the state are calling on their school boards to ensure that all public school employees are guaranteed a seat at the table.

office hours

M-F: 9am – 5pm


7405 Alban Station Ct. Suite B215

Springfield, VA 22150


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